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Providing protection for your family's future no matter what's around the next bend

As the founder and CEO of The Skelley Group, I understand how unexpected situations can financially devastate a family. It happened to my family. 



Helping create peace of mind with resources to provide funds to families when they need it.


Identifying  tax advantages for small business owners.


Maximizing retirement opportunities including distribution options and long term planning.


Helping develop a plan to navigate the wealth building process.


Assisting federal employees navigate and make the most of their investments and benefits.



I'm Joe Skelley. I founded The Skelley Group after an unexpected medical situation in our family left my parents financially devastated. After years of hard work and being financially responsible, this crisis hit out of nowhere and wiped them out, even resulting in them almost losing their home.

Never did we ever imagine that anything like that could happen. They thought they had done everything right. In this case, what they didn't know DID hurt them.

I vowed to never let this happen to our family...or any other family ever again. It became my mission not only to help other families prepare and plan for the unplanned but to expand and help business owners secure better tax advantages and young professionals plan for their future.

My focus is educating people about the reality of what options are out there, what they really provide and how you choose the right ones for your situation that will protect you no matter what comes along.

The Skelley Group Insurance Agency provides you with the products you need to secure your family's future. It is our mission to employ the best products, people and programs in the financial services industry to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Why

Not All Life Insurance Is The Same

Many traditional life Insurance policies only payout when you die. Did you know some life insurance policies can also provide access to death benefits while you're still living?


LIVING BENEFITS not only pays when you die, it also can help to take care of you and your family by enabling the owner to access the death benefit in the event you experience a critical, chronic or terminal illness.

With modern medicine, more people are surviving major medical conditions. Unexpected medical expenses can take a financial and physical toll on you and your loved ones. The escalating costs of medical bills many terminally ill patients face create financial hardship ​during these critical times. We want our clients to focus on getting well, not on paying the bills.

Doctor and Patient
Insurance Facts

We Help Clients Become Debt Free 4 Life™ 

Business Meeting

On average, each and every single month, more than 30% of the total amount you pay towards debt, whether that be car payments, student loans, personal loans, credit cards and even your mortgage is only used to pay off interest!

The longer the loan term - the more that interest figure grows exponentially, which is why the amount owed for a mortgage will, on average, be made up with as high as 50% in just interest payments. It's like paying for your house... twice! Not really fair is it?

Even when or IF you do manage to clear your debt - what happens next? You may need to borrow money again for something else. And the cycle continues...

The big mistake most Americans are making when it comes to paying back debt is making minimum monthly payments and using any additional money they have to make contributions to their 401k, save within a cash account, invest in the stock market or play roulette with crypto coins and NFTs. Unless your returns from all of these beats or, at the minimum, matches the embedded interest rate within your debt, then financially - you're still worse off.

Snowballing is taking any extra or additional money you can afford and applying that to pay off your debt. This tactic was made popular by personal finance personality Dave Ramsey. However, it has one major flaw. What happens when your debt is paid off? You're debt free. Then what happens when you need a new car, want to move to a new house or have some type of emergency need? You end up right back in debt and paying ridiculously high interest rates all over again. 

With Debt Free 4 Life™we take a unique approach to "snowballing" to not only eliminate debt, but to make sure you never end up in debt again.


Not only can we help you pay less debt – pay it off faster – but with our exclusive specially designed insurance contract – you’ll always have a nest where you can borrow from yourself and never need to take out an amortized loan again. This means more money in YOUR pocket – because you'll never be subject to the relentless compounding and ridiculously high interest rates being charged by the financial institutions.

We help you flip the script and STOP paying compound interest – and start EARNING compound interest.

What’s the catch? There is none – nor are we asking you to sign up for anything right now. The first step is simply getting clarity on where you stand.


When you click the button below, you'll see our Debt Free 4 Life™ page, where you can watch an informational video and get access to our unique "embedded interest calculator" to help you truly discover how much interest you're paying on your current debt. From there, you'll have access to additional tools to help educate you and develop a plan to help you reach your debt elimination goals.

I am committed to helping more Americans become Debt Free 4 Life™.

Feel free to contact me directly at 484-832-6913 or by email at



Not all life insurance is created the same. Many Life insurance policies only payout when you Die. Did you know some life insurance policies can also provide access to death benefits while you're still living.


Our mortgage protection insurance is designed to pay off your mortgage in the event of your death to make sure you family can keep their home no matter what.


Final expense insurance allows the named insured to feel safe knowing that funeral-related expenses are covered regardless of the statutes of their estate at the time of death.


With an annuity, you can guarantee income for the rest of your life and enjoy your golden years without worrying about finances or burdening your family.


IUL policies allow you to take money out of your policy when you need it without a penalty, Extend Retirement Cash Flow for up to 30-40 additional years from a traditional 401k, IRA or mutual funds.


With term life insurance, you can save your family from worry by providing them with a cash benefit in the event of your death, giving them the security they need to avoid serious financial problems during a difficult transition.

Our Services


Tax-Deferred Growth of Cash Value

Because an IUL policy allows the tax-deferred growth of cash value, your funds can grow and compound exponentially over time.

No Market Risk

Due to IUL policy cash values having a “floor,” there is no downside risk to your principal in these plans – even if the underlying index that is being tracked suffers a substantial loss or experiences a high rate of volatility. This means that you can count on having your principal protected for the short and the long term.

No Maximum Annual Contribution Limits

Although you may invest in a qualified retirement plan through your business, these savings vehicles will typically have annual maximum contribution limits. Unfortunately, this can hold you back from accumulating additional funds you may want or need in the future. An IUL policy, however, is not subject to these contribution limits, which means that you can continue funding your IUL policy, even if you have already “maxed out” your other retirement savings options.

Tax-Free Funds for Business Purchases

You can also borrow your IUL cash value for purchasing items and/or equipment for your business. Doing so may be able to help you secure more favorable access to money vs. high-Interest forms of borrowing to obtain the things your company needs, as well as for expanding your business over time.

Continuation of the Business

In many cases, the death of a business owner or key company executive could signify the end of the business altogether if there is not some succession plan in place. An IUL policy could be an ideal vehicle for funding a business buy-sell agreement. With a buy-sell agreement, remaining partners or key individuals can use the funds from the IUL policy to purchase the insured’s portion of the company – essentially keeping the business running in the interim. Depending on your business, there are several different ways in which a buy-sell agreement can be set up.

Tax Advantages


Delco Group logo_edited_edited.png

We are continually inspired by the great people and organizations in our community. We are so pleased to be involved with and support the efforts of The Delco Group. The mission of The Delco Group is to make an everlasting impact on families or organizations in the Delaware County Community during their greatest times of need, to provide a sense of comfort or relief in letting them know that members of their community are here for them.

Founded in 2018, the charity is run by local business owners and influential members of the Delaware County community who donate all of their time, energy and fundraising efforts. 

The group strives for every penny that comes in to the non-profit is able to directly help those that it was intended to help and not be spent on overhead costs.

One of the essential elements is remaining flexible in who and when the group can help, allowing for a wide range of people and groups who can be positively impacted.

For more information about The Delco Group, visit their Facebook page. 

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